Paul Ryan: ‘We are going to win this campaign’

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

CHARLOTTE—Paul Ryan called Mitt Romney's decision to pick him as his vice presidential running mate "the biggest honor I have ever been given in my life" but admitted the process has been "surreal."

"It's gone from the surreal to the real, I guess," the Wisconsin congressman told reporters during his first appearance in the back of Romney's campaign plane as it flew to North Carolina late Saturday. "By the time we met in person, I kind of knew it was going to happen, and I was very humbled."

Standing with Romney at his side, Ryan told reporters he feels he and Romney have the opportunity to "fix things once and for all" and that he was "excited" to "help" Romney do that.

"We are going to win this campaign," Ryan said. "We have the wind behind us."

For his part, Romney, his voice hoarse from a day of campaign rallies, called Saturday a "big day" for his campaign and marveled at the "energy" of three jam-packed campaign rallies he and Ryan headlined throughout Virginia.

"It's now two on two instead of two on one! This is good! You have someone else to pick on!" Romney joked.