Paul Ryan’s congressional campaign releases second ad for House seat

Chris Moody

Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan, who is simultaneously running for his seat in the House of Representatives, on Wednesday released the second of a series of ads that will air in his Wisconsin district over the next week.

Titled "Right Solutions," the ad shows Ryan discussing job creation with factory workers in Wisconsin. Like his first congressional ad, the message is short and simple, and lacks the flair and special effects of the ads running nationwide for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

From the script:

Questioner: "What can be done to create good jobs?"

Paul Ryan: "First, we need to end the growing government-control over the economy and when we put higher tax rates on American job creators than our foreign competitors do, we push jobs overseas. We need to fix that and make our tax code fair, simple, and more competitive. We should balance the budget and eliminate ridiculous regulations that cost you money. With the right solutions, we can get this economy growing. I'm Paul Ryan and I approve this message."

Ryan's first congressional ad this election cycle was released last week.