Over-the-top campaign ads flood Conn. Senate race

Brendan James
The Ticket

If there were any doubts that the tone of the Connecticut Senate race has become one of the most negative in the country, a glance at either side's abusive and sometimes wacky campaign ads should clear them up.

Republican nominee Linda McMahon's personal fortune has played a key role in turning the blue state into a Senate toss-up. It has allowed her to inundate voters' mailboxes and television sets with aggressive ads at a level that Democratic candidate and three-term congressman Chris Murphy has only recently been able to match thanks to contributions from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

But the push-back may be paying off for Murphy: A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday morning shows Murphy ahead at 49 percent and McMahon at 43 percent, a 7-point swing from three weeks ago, when McMahon had a slight edge.

Take a look at some of the more outrageous ads seen over the course of the race:

After being hit by Murphy's charges of shadiness, McMahon ratchets up her portrayal of Murphy as a corrupt deadbeat:

Murphy hits back by casting McMahon as a friend of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and an enemy of Social Security:

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McMahon hurls another jab at Murphy's 2008 home loan—and another empty chair makes an appearance this election season, as McMahon attacks her opponent's record of attendance in Congress:

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And finally, perhaps the most derisive of the lot, McMahon takes aim at Murphy's campaign donors (a few of which she actually shares):

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