Obamas on ‘The View’: Michelle doesn’t have the ‘temperament’ to run for office

Dylan Stableford
The Ticket

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama appeared on "The View" on Tuesday, giving Americans a glimpse of the first couple's relationship.

"I told folks I'm supposed to be eye candy for you guys," President Obama, flanked by Michelle and the show's five female hosts, joked on the show, which was taped on Monday in New York ahead of his appearance at the United Nations General Assembly.

Michelle Obama said she didn't realize that the first presidential debate is on the same date as their 20th wedding anniversary.

"I forgot," the first lady said.

"That's cold," President Obama said.

"I like lavishing her with all kinds of attention when she deserves it," Obama said when asked how he is as a husband. "And she always deserves it."

The chat fest did eventually turn to more serious subjects, including the economy, Libya and Obama's opponent in November.

"Would it be disastrous for the country if Mitt Romney were elected?" Barbara Walters asked the president.

"I think America is so strong, and we've got so much going for us that we can survive a lot," Obama responded. "But the American people don't want to just survive, we want everyone to thrive. We want folks to have a shot at success, and so the question then just becomes, whose policies are more likely to lead us to where we want to go?"

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The president was also asked what his postpresidential plans were.

"Well, you know, first things first here," Obama quipped. "There's all kinds of things I want to do in the second term, uh, putting folks back to work, making sure our schools are up to snuff."

"And then?" Walters asked.

"You know, in a postpresidency, the thing that I think I would enjoy most is spending time working with kids," Obama said. "I love teaching, I miss teaching, and you know, I'm not sure it would necessarily be in a classroom, but the idea of being able to go around in various cities and helping to create mentorships, and apprenticeships, giving young people the sense of possibility and opportunity, and using whatever spotlight I can shine to show how much incredible talent there is out there."

As for Michelle, President Obama said, "She should run for office, but she says she doesn't want to."

"I mean, Michelle would be terrific," he continued, "but temperamentally I just don't think [she could]."

"Yeah, no," the first lady said. "It takes a lot of patience to be the president of the United States, and I'm not that patient."