‘Obamacare struck down’ tops year’s best, worst media mistakes

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

A fictional crucifix-shaped sex toy? The Titanic sank in 2012? An incorrectly identified My Little Pony? "Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare"? A typo that relocated a spinal injury to a basketball player's groin?

Your going to want to read Craig Silverman's annual humbling, cringe-inducing list of media errors and corrections. Here are his picks for 2012. There fantastic. Read the hole thing. There but for the grace of Dog...

Silverman's pick for 2012's most notable error? CNN and Fox News reports that the Supreme Court had struck down President Barack Obama's landmark health care law as unconstitutional.

Silverman's pick for 2012's "Correction of the Year"? The Economist runs away with that one for this: "Correction: An earlier version of this article claimed that journalists at Bloomberg Businessweek could be disciplined for sipping a spritzer at work. This is not true. Sorry. We must have been drunk on the job."

And yes, the errors in the second paragraph of this story were intentional. Any others, well, Yahoo News regrets the error.