Obama’s ‘Four more years’ most retweeted of the year

Rachel Rose Hartman

President Barack Obama embracing the first lady quickly became the most retweeted tweet of the year, Twitter announced Tuesday on 2012.twitter.com.

"Four more years," the president tweeted along with the picture on election night.

It's little surprise that it topped the list on the "Year on Twitter" website, considering the photo had already set records for social media shares on Twitter and Facebook.

Politics and the election predictably dominated Twitter's site this year with #tcot ("top conservatives on Twitter")—a favorite of tea partyers—being the most popular politics-related hashtag.

In fact, Republicans dominated all hashtags, followed by tweets about the Democratic National Convention.

#Teaparty placed second on the list, followed by #Gop, #romney, #mittromney, #dnc2012, #charlotte, #gop2012, #rnc and #obama2012.