Obama gets significantly more aggressive, takes up more time

Eric Pfeiffer
The Ticket

President Barack Obama is making a more aggressive presentation in the second presidential debate. But for the third time in a row—counting last week's vp debate—Democrats are taking more time to address national audiences than their Republican opponents.

"I will get run out of town, if I don't…" moderator Candy Crowley said, trailing off at one point as she tried to rein in GOP challenger Mitt Romney and Obama, both talking over her and refusing to yield.

Obama then said he wanted equal opportunity to respond. At that time, Obama was leading Romney in speaking time by nearly a full minute, 15:01 to 14:18 according to CNN's ticker.

Obama made a similar complaint during the first debate, despite leading Romney in speaking time throughout. And in the vp debate, Joe Biden made a similar complaint, despite leading GOP vp nominee Paul Ryan by nearly two minutes.