Obama to voters: ‘Nag’ Congress for me

Olivier Knox
The Ticket
Obama calls for refinancing program
President Barack Obama has called for a new refinancing program that will allow all underwater homeowners to refinance, regardless of whether the mortgage is government backed. (May 11)

President Barack Obama has asked supporters to write, call and even tweet their members of Congress if they want lawmakers to approve his economic policies. On Friday, two days before Mothers Day, Obama suggested another approach: "Nag them!"

He was speaking from the driveway of Val and Paul Keller in Reno, last stop of a trip where he scooped up millions for his re-election effort. Obama called on Congress to extend a program that helps homeowners refinance their mortgages.

"Nag them until they actually get it done," the president said. "We need to keep moving this country forward. Send them an email. Tweet them. Write them a letter if you're old-fashioned like me."

"But communicate to them that this will make a difference," Obama said.The Kellers refinanced their home under the Home Affordable Refinance Program, called HARP. They told Obama in a chat at their kitchen table that they were saving $250 per month. "That's real money," Obama replied.

"We want to include everybody, people whose mortgages aren't government-backed. And in order to do that we've got to have Congress move," Obama said in his driveway appeal.

Nevada has the second-highest foreclosure rate in the nation.

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