Obama: Questions, anyone? Not you, Packers fan

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

With the new NFL season about to begin, President Barack Obama threw a little joking trash talk into a question-and-answer session at the high school in Cascade, Iowa, saying he would answer queries from anyone—except for a guy in a Packers shirt.

"I generally don't interact with Packers fans—except when I'm in Wisconsin," Obama, a Bears fan, quipped to the audience.

The president visited the school on the third and final day of a bus tour through Iowa, a potentially critical battleground state.

Obama paid tribute to teachers. "I know you guys get a lot of satisfaction. Obviously you guys don't do this for the money," he said.

And he paid a different sort of tribute to the school's principal, Greg VanderLugt, described in the pool report as "a large man."

"If this guy would have been the principal of my school, I would've gotten in a lot less trouble," Obama said.