Obama never said Romney wants Petraeus for VP: Carney

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

With the verbal version of an eye-roll, the White House scoffed Tuesday at the Drudge Report's claim that President Barack Obama thinks Mitt Romney may be trying to snag CIA chief David Petraeus as his vice presidential pick. The report, sourced only to an anonymous "insider," said Obama had told a top fundraiser he thought Romney aimed to make Petraeus his running mate.

"Be mindful of your sources," press secretary Jay Carney said as a reporter started to ask him about the report. "I can say with absolute confidence that such an assertion has never been uttered by the president."

"And, again, be mindful of your sources," said Carney.

Asked whether the former general, the architect of America's "counterinsurgency" strategy in Iraq, would make a good running mate, the spokesman replied: "Gen. Petraeus was an excellent general and is currently serving very well at the Central Intelligence Agency."