Obama meets 7-year-old cancer patient, YouTube star Jack Hoffman

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Jack Hoffman, a 7-year-old whose 69-yard touchdown at a University of Nebraska-Lincoln football game exploded on the Internet, found himself in the Oval Office Monday.

The Atkinson, Neb., star, who is battling brain cancer, met President Barack Obama and received a signed football from the president, according to the caption on a photo of their meeting released by the White House.

Jack, who has been "adopted" by the Cornhuskers, scored for the team when he stood in for the team's running back, and Hoffman supporter, Rex Burkhead. By Monday, video of the play had received 7.7 million YouTube hits.

Obama's visit with Jack wasn't on the president's public schedule and wasn't covered by the media.

The White House has increasingly used social media to sidestep the press in an effort to directly engage with voters.