Obama hosts the G8 and NATO summits, plus more to watch for this weekend in politics

Phil Pruitt
The Ticket

Diplomacy is the word for the weekend.

President Barack Obama hosts the G8 Summit at Camp David on Friday and Saturday and then the NATO Summit in Chicago on Sunday and Monday. He kicks off the four-day stretch Friday morning with a meeting at the White House with new France President Francois Hollande. Top topics for the weekend: Reviving the global economy and winding down the war in Afghanistan.

Mitt Romney will spend Friday campaigning in New Hampshire, a battleground state that Obama won in 2008, and CNN reports that his campaign will roll out its first general election ad on Friday. Romney is scheduled to spend Sunday in New York and Connecticut raising money.

Ron Paul will be out there raising money this weekend, too, but not for himself. He'll be in St. Cloud, Minn., on Friday at a fundraiser for Senate candidate Kurt Bills, and he'll speak on Saturday at a fundraiser for the Minnesota Republican Party. And Herman Cain speaks on Saturday at the "Rally for Common Sense" in Missouri.

And then there is this: The testimony is over. The closing arguments are finished, and the John Edwards trial goes to the jury on Friday.

Sources: Yahoo! News, CNN, Associated Press

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