Obama: Health care is ‘still a BFD’

Olivier Knox

Remember when the VP had a NSFW moment about the ACA and people LOL'd and SMHed? For $30, you can now get the shirt.

Vice President Joe Biden raised a few eyebrows at the March 23, 2010, signing of the Affordable Care Act when a microphone caught his whispered "this is a big fucking deal" to President Barack Obama.

Two years and one historic Supreme Court decision later, Obama's re-election campaign has put "Health Reform Still a BFD" on a T-shirt, with a $30 price tag. Obama tweeted a link to the garment. (There are other Obamacare items there too, including a "pack" that comes with an "I like Obamacare" shirt, and bumper stickers and buttons).

Technically, you're not buying the shirt: You're making a donation to the campaign and getting the item in return. Campaign stores are, in effect, a way to reward small donors and keep them coming back.

Some Republicans are already joking that Obamacare is actually a BFT—a Big Federal Tax. But Mitt Romney has yet to add any Obamacare-themed merchandise among his knickknacks. Still, his campaign reported raising $4.3 million from roughly 43,000 online donors in the 24 hours since the ruling.

Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, got in on the not-totally-safe-for-work act, telling supporters "let's win the damn election" to safeguard the health care law, which Republicans have vowed to repeal.