Obama to British P.M. Cameron: Here’s a grill and some beanbag chairs

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

To celebrate British Prime Minister David Cameron's visit to the United States, President Barack Obama presented him and his family with a cooking grill and bean bag chairs Wednesday.

From the White House pool report:

On the occasion of the Official Visit, The President and Mrs. Obama gave the Prime Minister and Mrs. Cameron a one-of-a-kind Braten 1000 Series Grill hand made by Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers of Paxton, Illinois. Symbolizing the personal friendship between the President and Mrs. Obama and Prime Minister and Mrs. Cameron, the gift commemorates their May 2011 visit to 10 Downing Street where together they grilled and served food to American and British Armed Service Members.

An American classic, the wood and charcoal burning grill is customized with American and British friendship flags engraved into the utility shelf and a personalized plaque mounted on the exterior lid. The grill and all its component parts are made in the United States and Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers has been praised for its environmentally friendly practices. The gift also includes two White House chef jackets each featuring American and British flags, and the Great Seal. Prime Minister and Mrs. Cameron's names are embroidered onto the front of their individual jacket.


Each of Prime Minister and Mrs. Cameron's children received personalized American made bean bag chairs, each featuring the Presidential Seal and the child's name embroidered.

Here's a round-up of past gifts from American presidents to foreign leaders:

• Obama famously presented Queen Elizabeth with an iPod loaded with Broadway show tunes in 2009.

• Earlier that year, Obama gave British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a keepsake that was widely panned -- a boxed set of 25 DVDs that weren't even formatted to work in British DVD players.

• President George W. Bush handed over a crate of Juicy Fruit gum and an Elvis jukebox to Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in 2006.

• President Bill Clinton gave French President Jacques Chirac a teleprompter in 1996.

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