‘Obama Boy’: The ‘Obama Girl’ of 2012 (VIDEO)

Dylan Stableford
The Ticket

Remember Amber Lee Ettinger, aka "Obama Girl," who confessed she had a "crush on Obama" in the smash viral video hit of the 2008 campaign?

Well, get ready for "Obama Boy."

"Hey, Barry, it's me," Justin Brown, aka "Obama Boy," says at the beginning of the new video, released last week. "If you're there, pick up already. I was just watching you on Logo."

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The new music video, written and directed by New York-based filmmaker John Duarte, is both a response to "Obama Girl"—which was viewed more than 24 million times on YouTube—and a tribute to the president's historic support of same-sex marriage.

"Way Back in 2008, you just couldn't relate," Brown sings over sultry R&B. "Your evolution. You're my solution. I put down my Prop. 8 sign. Now I'm gonna make you mine. Progressive, caring and kind, cuz I gotta a crush on Obama."

The lyrics to "Obama Boy" include plenty of double entendre ("I can't wait to see you get hard on Romney in debate") and LGBT talking points:

You support me unlike the right.
You're my rainbow colored knight.
Stonewall is going to be crazy tonight.

Ettinger, for her part, recently told the Daily Caller that her crush has faded. "[I'm] not as excited as I was" in 2008 about Obama, Ettinger said, "That's for sure."

The model-actress has since gone back to school full time and is developing a jewelry line. "If I'm not making videos, I'm not sure it's anyone's business who I'm voting for this time around," she said.

So what does Ettinger think of "Obama Boy"?

"I think it's hilarious," she said, according to the "Obama Boy" blog. "I'm flattered too! I've been waiting for someone to do this, and this guy did it."