New Obama ads say Romney shipped U.S. jobs to China, India

Olivier Knox

President Barack Obama's re-election campaign has been working hard to convince voters that the election should be about what he and Mitt Romney would—or would not—do in the White House for the next four years. Team Obama's latest ads, running in Ohio, Iowa and Virginia, warn that the former Massachusetts governor will ship jobs overseas if he wins.

The 30-second commercials harness a recent Washington Post report that linked Romney's Bain Capital investment firm to companies that shipped jobs overseas to places like China and India. The Washington Post's politics fact-checker has previously taken a dim view of such allegations.

The Ohio version recycles a section of a Romney ad that gazes into the future to see "Day One: President Romney stands up to China."

"But would he?" the Obama ad's narrator asks, pointing to the Washington Post piece. "Romney's never stood up to China. All he's ever done is send them our jobs."

Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg accused the president of perpetuating "false and discredited attacks to divert attention from his abysmal economic record.""If President Obama had even half of Mitt Romney's record on jobs, he'd be running on it," she said in an emailed statement accusing the incumbent of "running a campaign based on distractions, not solutions."