Obama ad hits Romney on auto bailout in Ohio

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

"Mitt Romney. Not one of us." That's the last message in this hard-hitting ad from President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, aimed squarely at arguably the most important battleground state of the 2012 presidential election: Ohio.

The ad zeroes in on Romney's opposition to the auto industry bailouta key issue in Ohio, which has a large auto-parts sector that was threatened by the looming collapse of major carmakers. One in eight Ohio jobs is tied to the automotive sector. The video features Romney seeming to embrace an op-ed he wrote entitled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."

"For him to just say, 'Let them fail,'" a woman featured in the ad says. "How you can say something like that is beyond me," a man concludes.

Whether the bailout will save Obama in Ohio--and give him a second termis an open question.