Nikki Haley is giving Newt Gingrich a free place to stay next week

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

Is Nikki Haley having a change of heart about Newt Gingrich?

In March, the South Carolina governor dissed the former House Speaker's 2012 bid, suggesting his moment had passed.

"There was a place and time for him," Haley said at the time. "I think there is a respect for him that he's been there and done that."

But now comes word via the Associated Press that Gingrich will be staying overnight at the South Carolina governor's mansion next week as Haley's guest.

The GOP hopeful, who cracked double-digits in a CNN/ORC poll released Monday, will reportedly be in town for a documentary screening. But the visit is also sure to offer key face time with Haley, whose 2012 endorsement has been highly coveted.

Rob Godfrey, a spokesman for Haley, downplayed Gingrich's visit, telling the AP his boss has opened the governor's mansion to any 2012 hopeful touring South Carolina—including President Obama, if he were to visit. As CNN's Peter Hamby notes, Michele Bachmann has already taken up Haley on her offer, twice.