Newt Gingrich wants to crowdsource a new ‘Contract with America’

Chris Moody

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich unveiled on Thursday the outline of a "21st Century Contract with America," a 23-page document of priorities that he says will be expanded by "harnessing the wisdom and perspective of the American people" on his website.

The contract will consist of four main themes, Gingrich says:

  1. A set of legislative proposals to shift America back to job creation, prosperity, freedom, and safety.
  2. A "First Day" project of Executive Orders to be signed on inauguration day to immediately transform the way the executive branch works.
  3. A training program for the transition teams and the appointees who will lead the shift back to Constitutional, limited government.
  4. A system of citizen involvement to help us sustain grassroots support for change and help implement the change through 2021.

His first orders of business as president, Gingrich said, would be to repeal President Obama's health care law, reduce the corporate tax, implement a flat tax on income, overhaul Social Security and Medicare, and require those receiving unemployment insurance to undergo job training programs.

Gingrich said that there will be more to come over the next year. "The 21st Century Contract with America is so large and covers so many changes necessary to get America back on the right track that it can't possibly be developed by a small group," he said in a statement.

"The scale of change I am suggesting is so enormous, I couldn't possibly as a single leader show you everything I'm going to do, so this is the beginning of the conversation," Gingrich said during a presentation in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday. He wrote on his website that the document "will be released in final form on Sept. 27, 2012."

Gingrich released the first Contract with America during the 1994 Congressional campaign. It served as a blueprint for the 104th Congress, Gingrich's first as Speaker of the House.