Newly re-elected Tennessee Rep. DesJarlais already facing 2014 fight

Rachel Rose Hartman

Tennessee Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais has yet to be sworn in for a second term, but he's already drawing re-election opponents.

Tennessee state Sen. Jim Tracy is poised to announce his candidacy on Wednesday to challenge the scandal-plagued congressman in the 2014 Republican primary, according to the Tennesseean.

Tracy's announcement released late Tuesday made veiled references to the controversies that colored DesJarlais's re-election race, saying: "I am a conservative in word and deed. I have lived my life both personally and professionally in a way that is consistent with my core conservative values."

He added, "I promise that I will never embarrass you with my personal conduct or compromise on my conservative principles."

After accusations that DesJarlais had had affairs, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that the former physician turned tea party conservative had admitted to sexual relationships with patients and supported his wife's abortions.

Tracy is unlikely to be the only GOP challenger in the 4th District race. Other Republicans have announced their interest in running.