Monday in politics: Romney campaigns, Obama preps for debate, and more

Phil Pruitt
October 1, 2012

The big story this week in politics is the first presidential debate, which is Wednesday.

The Obama campaign and the Romney campaign have both tried to manage expectations for the first of three face-to-face encounters. Obama, for example, told a Las Vegas crowd Sunday, "Governor Romney, he's a good debater. I'm just ok." And Romney has said much the same thing about Obama.

Will the debate shift national and battleground state polls in Romney's favor? Will there be a deciding moment? Will Obama really avoid "zingers"?

Stay tuned.

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Mitt Romney will spend Monday campaigning in Denver, where the debate will take place, and Obama will spend the day in Henderson, Nev., preparing for the much-anticipated clash.

Romney running mate Paul Ryan will launch a "Real Recovery Bus Tour" across Iowa, and Ann Romney will campaign in Nevada not far from where Obama is prepping.

On the non-presidential front, Republican Sen. Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren will meet Monday in the second televised debate in the race for the Senate seat once held by Edward Kennedy.

On the judicial front, the Supreme Court convenes for a new term on Monday, with major rulings expected on affirmative action, gay marriage and voting rights.

And then there is this: Former President Jimmy Carter turns 88 on Monday

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