Mitt Romney is now autographing voters’ checks in Iowa

Holly Bailey

DUBUQUE, Iowa--Mitt Romney has said he will keep cautious watch over the nation's checkbook should he be elected president, but that doesn't mean he's not willing to sign a few checks on the road to the White House--at least those put forward by voters.

At rally here, Lori Pearce asked Romney to sign a personal check, the only piece of paper she had. The candidate happily agreed, signing his name with a big swoosh in the payee line.

"I almost wrote something funny, but I stopped," Romney said, returning Pearce's checkbook.

Holding the check up for Yahoo News to photograph, Pearce said, "My husband is going to kill me!"

Two other women had Romney sign T-shirts—including one who had the candidate sign the shirt on the back. "I'll never take it off, " she said.

Others produced photos of the candidate posing with them on the trail during the 2008 campaign and asked Romney to autograph them.

"Who's that guy?" Romney said, eying himself.

In his stops in Iowa during the past week, Romney has typically spent around 20 minutes posing for photos and signing autographs along the rope line at his events, a key part of the campaigning that he hopes will pay off at Tuesday's caucuses.

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