Mitch Daniels dismisses Romney veep talk: ‘It won’t happen’

Chris Moody

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who offered a tepid endorsement of Mitt Romney only after the Republican primaries, pushed back hard against the idea that he'll be chosen as Romney's running mate Friday.

"Let me just give you the best tip you'll get all day. Make some easy money and bet against this whole idea," Daniels told MSNBC's Chuck Todd during an interview on "The Daily Rundown." "I'm not interested in doing that. It won't happen in any way. If I have something to contribute to the national debate we're in, then I'll look for other ways."

Todd pressed Daniels on what he would do in the event Romney called him to offer the job, and Daniels dismissed the possibility entirely.

"It's the call that won't come," Daniels said.

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