Mitch Daniels admits his height might be a problem in 2012

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has been the subject of presidential buzz for months, but there's one issue he can't seem to escape: his height.

Daniels' short stature--he's officially 5-foot-7--has been the subject of fascination among bloggers and even prompted an entire New York Times piece last summer about how Americans tend to prefer their presidents to be tall, as opposed to Napoleonic.

Mark McKinnon, a former Bush adviser and close friend of Daniels, defended his former colleague, saying that after four years of President Obama, Americans might want someone a little "nerdy … balding and pint-sized."

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace finally asked Daniels about all of the talk about his height and looks, saying some have suggested that he doesn't "look presidential."

Daniels admitted it could be a problem "with some voters."

"I've never suggested to a voter what they should consider a valid criterion," Daniels replied. "If it comes down to height and hair, I probably wouldn't do very well. But I guess that's just something you weigh in the balance with many other factors."

(Photo of Daniels, center, with Jeb Bush, Tom Vilsack, George W. Bush and Joe Manchin: Alex Wong/Getty Images)