Will New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez be the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee?

Rachel Rose Hartman

By now, you've likely heard Marco Rubio, the Florida senator, and Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor, repeatedly reject entreaties to hypothetically accept the Republican nomination for vice president in 2012. But there's another political newcomer and potential running mate out there with whom you may be less familiar: Susana Martinez, the governor of New Mexico.

Like Christie and Rubio, Martinez is on the shortlist of the Republican Party's rising stars.

"The fact that she is the nation's lone Latina governor has led to talk in political circles of her strong future in the Republican Party, and maybe even as a vice-presidential nominee," Marc Lacey writes Tuesday in a profile of Martinez for the New York Times.

Tim Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor who ended his presidential campaign this month, mentioned Martinez by name in January as a potential running mate.

For now, Martinez says she's not interested.

"It's very humbling," Martinez told the Times of the attention she's received--"before," Lacey wrote, "quickly committing herself to her current job."

Just this week, conservatives cheered Martinez's renewal of her concealed-carry permit and circulated a video of the governor in action.

Check out her shooting skills in the video below: