Meet Oscar Poole, the RNC’s most photographed delegate

Holly Bailey
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The most popular man on the Republican National Convention floor tonight wasn't a governor or a senator. It was Col. Oscar Poole, an 82-year-old Georgia delegate whose attire could be described as anything but boring.

Poole, who owns a barbecue joint in Ellijay, Ga., was dressed in a lemon yellow suit and an oversized American flag top hat. Tonight he was parked just feet from one of the most photographed areas of the convention floor: the Romney family box, where high-profile Republicans have been watching convention speakers all week.

While South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was seated over his left shoulder, she was virtually ignored as reporters lined up to interview and take pictures of Poole, who stood as still as a male model for photo after photo.

Poole is close to an institution at Republican political events—in part because of his famous yellow suit. He owns more than one—but won't say exactly how many—and has been wearing them to GOP events since at least the 2000 campaign.

In January, Poole was spotted at an event in South Carolina, while another reporter mentioned he'd seen him at a Romney rally at the Villages in Florida a few weeks after that.

But Poole wasn't feeling too chatty with reporters on Wednesday night, beyond telling them he was "happy to be here." At one point, a television reporter approached Poole and asked him who he thought the mystery speaker on Thursday night might be.

"Mitt Romney!" Poole replied in an exasperated voice and turned away.