McCain on whether he’ll oppose challenges to increased border enforcement: ‘Duh.’

Chris Moody

John McCain heard your question, and he thinks it's really dumb.

While the Arizona Republican senator fielded questions on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, a day after he joined a bipartisan group of senators to announce a blueprint for comprehensive immigration reform, one reporter asked how he would respond if the proposed provision that requires increased border enforcement were challenged.

He would oppose it, he said. "Duh."

As part of the outline of principles for an immigration overhaul unveiled on Monday by McCain and seven other senators, any new overhaul would require enhanced border security before illegal immigrants already in the country could begin to seek a path to citizenship. Republicans have insisted that it be a key component of any large immigration bill.

Listen to the exchange between McCain and the reporter here:

Reporter: "How do you feel about not tying border security to citizenship?"

McCain: "What do you mean 'not tying it'?"

Reporter: "Basically your plan..."

McCain: "Didn't you see the press conference? Did you happen to miss it? What do you mean, 'not tying'?"

Reporter: "But if somebody were to come out with a statement saying..."

McCain: "If somebody were to come out that's in contradiction to what we said, we'd say we disagree with it. Duh."