Marco Rubio’s just not that into you

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

Sen. Marco Rubio may be the most discussed Republican VP pick for 2012, but the freshman from Florida is still playing hard to get.

Rubio has said repeatedly he's not interested in being the vice president, but he solidified his opposition to the notion at a Capitol Hill event Wednesday.

"I'm not going to be the vice presidential nominee," Rubio said at the Washington Ideas Forum when asked if he would consider it. "The answer is going to be no."

But that hasn't kept GOP presidential hopefuls from working hard to remain in Rubio's good graces.

Several Republican contenders announced this week they would boycott a debate sponsored by the Spanish-language network Univision, citing the channel's decision to report on Rubio's brother's drug history after Rubio allegedly declined a sit-down interview with the network.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was the latest to drop out of the debate.

"The reports of extortion tactics by Univision against Senator Rubio are disturbing, especially since they cite sources within the news agency," Gingrich spokesman Joe DeSantis told The Hill newspaper. "They must be addressed in a satisfactory manner before Newt will consider appearing at the debate."

Univision denies the allegations that the network publicized the story as an act of retaliation.