Lugar’s fate on the line in Indiana, same sex marriage amendment in N.C., plus more to watch for Tuesday in politics

Phil Pruitt

Voters go to the polls Tuesday in Indiana, North Carolina, Wisconsin and West Virginia, but, for the most part, the GOP presidential nomination is not the headliner.

In Indiana, it's whether Dick Lugar will see his 36-year Senate career come to an end.

In North Carolina, it's whether Amendment One to the state constitution, which defines marriage between one man and one woman, passes.

In Wisconsin, it's the choice of candidates in the recall election of Gov. Scott Walker. Walker is expected to win the GOP nomination, while the outcome of the Democratic primary is less certain.

The main issue for voters in West Virginia is the GOP presidential nomination.

Mitt Romney will be campaigning Tuesday in the battleground state of Michigan, and President Barack Obama will head to New York to talk about the economy.

On Capitol Hill, the Senate is expected to vote on a Democratic proposal to keep student loan interest rates from doubling from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent.

And then there is this: Rick Santorum, who emailed in his measured endorsement of Romney on Monday evening, will appear on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

Sources: Yahoo! News reporter Rachel Rose Hartman, Associated Press

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