Liberal group says ‘over 500′ demonstrators will protest CPAC Friday

Chris Moody

A Washington-based liberal group called This is Our DC announced Friday morning it plans to join with "Occupy DC, unemployed, community groups, faith leaders [and] labor workers" to bring more than 500 demonstrators to the Conservative Political Action Committee Conference (CPAC) on Friday at noon.

From the press release:

We are ridiculing this radical, ruinous annual political carnival of the 1% and its new poster boy Mitt Romney. CPAC has engineered and maintained tax loopholes for corporations and the richest 1% that have killed the American Dream for the 99%.

In addition to hundreds of protesters, Woodley Road, NW will be filled with special carnival characters symbolizing corporate greed and excess including, the Brooklyn "corporate" Tax Dodgers, Presidential Candidate Wal-Mart, and a giant Red Elephant manipulated by millionaires.

For weeks, liberal protesters affiliated with Occupy DC and labor unions have planned to demonstrate outside the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, where the conference is being held through Saturday.

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