LAST TICKET: Tim Pawlenty buys TV time in Iowa; John Thune insists he’s not running

Holly Bailey

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• Tim Pawlenty is buying TV airtime in Iowa. (The Note)

• President Obama set to announce troop drawdown from Afghanistan. (AP)

• John Thune says he's still not running for president. (The Fix)

• Jon Huntsman's campaign spelled his name wrong. (Political Ticker)

• Was Anthony Weiner's handwriting a clue? (City Room)

• Mitt Romney apparently carries big bills in his wallet. (Swampland)

• John McCain says he's not masochistic enough to run for president again. (AP)

• Actor Brian Dennehy is doing voiceovers for Huntsman ads. (Politico)

• Harry Reid picks Huntsman over Romney. (First Read)

• Could the GOP convention cause blackouts in Tampa? (St. Petersburg Times)