LAST TICKET: RNC remains $19.8 million in the red; Huckabee pow wows with Trump

Holly Bailey
April 12, 2011

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• The RNC raised $7 million in March but remains $19.8 million in debt. (The Hill)

• There's a path for Mitt Romney to win the GOP nomination. (The Fix)

• But if Romney loses against President Obama, would that drive the GOP farther right? (FrumForum)

• Mike Huckabee met with Donald Trump. (Politico)

• Haley Barbour will decide on 2012 run by the end of April. (The Caucus)

• Scott Walker will testify before Congress Thursday. (Washington Wire)

• Glenn Beck doesn't think Sarah Palin is running for president. (Alaska Dispatch)

• Gary Johnson will launch his 2012 presidential bid next week. (GOP 12)

• Michele Bachmann says she didn't close the door on a two-term presidency. (TPMDC)

• George Allen has raised $1.5 million for his Virginia Senate bid. (Dave Catanese)