LAST TICKET: President Obama heckled at a fundraiser; Donald Trump vs. Jerry Seinfeld

Holly Bailey
April 21, 2011

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• President Obama was heckled at a San Francisco fundraiser. (First Read)

• Meanwhile, here's the guest list for one of the soirees. (PJ Tatler)

• The Secret Service is buying armored buses to guard candidates for the 2012 campaign. (Political Punch)

• Jerry Seinfeld boycotts fundraiser over Donald Trump's birther talk. (The Set)

• Newt Gingrich distances himself from Paul Ryan's budget plan. (Washington Wire)

• Trump quizzes Meghan McCain about potential 2012 staff. (Daily Beast)

• The Onion mocks Mitt Romney on health care. (The Onion)

• Grover Norquist wants Tom Coburn to quit the Gang of Six. (National Review)

• Bob Corker might run for president, but not next year. (Tennessean)

• Chris Van Hollen filed a lawsuit against the FEC accusing the agency of not enforcing disclosure laws by non-profit groups. (Hotline on Call)