LAST TICKET: John Edwards won’t be charged this week; Palin to meet with Trump

Holly Bailey

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• A grand jury hearing into charges against John Edwards was delayed until next week. (WRAL)

• Sarah Palin will meet with Donald Trump in New York tonight. (The Note)

• Jon Huntsman says he and President Obama weren't close. (Real Clear Politics)

• He'll skip the June 13th GOP debate in New Hampshire. (AP)

• No one messes with Joe Biden's salads. (Ben Smith)

• Many of Mitt Romney's '08 backers remain on the fence. (Des Moines Register)

• John McCain thinks Palin can beat Obama in 2012. (The Note)

• Palin will also visit Iowa "at some point." (Political Ticker)

• Meghan McCain is writing a book with Michael Ian Black. (The Cutline)

• Birther books are still hot sellers. (Daily Intel)