LAST TICKET: Joe Biden hopes Trump is the GOP nominee; Fred Thompson swears he’s never worn Gucci shoes

Holly Bailey
April 19, 2011

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• Joe Biden hopes Donald Trump is the GOP's 2012 nominee. (The Hill)

• Mitch Daniels says he'll decide by the end of the month on a 2012 run. (GOP 12)

• Fred Thompson swears he has never worn Gucci shoes, especially not to the Iowa state fair. (National Review)

• A new White House iPhone app will buzz you every time Obama is speaking. (TechPresident)

• Bobby Jindal supports a "birther" bill in Louisiana. (TPMDC)

• Who wasn't at Obama's town hall in Virginia today? Tim Kaine. (Hotline on Call)

• Michele Bachmann is on pace to raise $52 million this election. (Smart Politics)

• Mike Huckabee defends Trump against the Club for Growth. (Political Ticker)

• Club for Growth chief urges Dick Lugar to retire. (ABC News)

• Charles Manson called Obama an "idiot" and "a slave of Wall Street." (Radar)