LAST TICKET: New Jersey voters think Chris Christie is a ‘bully’; Marco Rubio talks foreign policy

Holly Bailey

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• New Jersey voters think Chris Christie is a "bully." (Quinnipiac)

• John Boehner calls on President Obama to explain pace of Afghan withdrawal. (Political Ticker)

• Jon Huntsman hires a prominent GOP pollster. (Fox News)

• Marco Rubio positions himself as a foreign policy hawk. (National Review)

• Donald Trump is three times more recognizable than other 2012 hopefuls. (The Atlantic)

• Meanwhile, Trump is headed to New Hampshire next week. (The Note)

• Is Mitt Romney's faith a handicap or an excuse? (Ben Smith)

• Tim Pawlenty's staffer who was arrested for being drunk resigned. (The Hill)

• Is Nevada losing political clout? (Las Vegas Sun)

• Romney's selective media strategy. (First Read)