LAST TICKET: Hope in the Gang of Six; Bachmann takes national lead in poll

Chris Moody

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• Hope for a debt deal my rest in the Senate's bipartisan Gang of Six. (Politico)

• Michele Bachmann takes the lead in another national poll. (Public Policy Polling)

• Herman Cain says Mitt Romney's Mormonism will keep him from securing the GOP nomination. (Washington Times)

• President Obama supports bill to repeal Defense of Marriage Act. (National Journal)

• Wealthy Republicans aren't giving up effort to get Chris Christie in the presidential race. (Politico)

• Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer to officially announce presidential candidacy Thursday in New Hampshire. (Reuters)

• Tim Pawlenty continues to hammer Bachmann on experience: "She doesn't have it." (LA Times)

• Ron Paul blasts the Republican "Cut, Cap and Balance" plan. (Sunshine State News)