LAST TICKET: Giuliani warns GOP on gay marriage; Bachmann fends off randy llama

Holly Bailey
July 18, 2011

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• Rudy Giuliani warns the GOP to "get the heck out of people's bedrooms." (Political Ticker)

• Tim Pawlenty signs a major Bush fundraiser in Florida. (St. Petersburg Times)

• Mike Haridopolos dropped his bid for Florida Senate. (Washington Wire)

• A top evangelical leader slammed Herman Cain for his comments on Muslims. (Christian Post)

• A llama tried to make out with Michele Bachmann. (Des Moines Register)

• Mitt Romney leads new South Carolina poll. (Political Ticker)

• The RNC questioned the legality of an Obama campaign video shot at the White House. (The Caucus)

• Crossroads GPS takes aim at House Dems. (The Atlantic)

• A Tennessee lawmaker is in trouble for carving her name into a desk. (Daily Intel)

• Dean Heller narrowly leads Shelley Berkley in Nevada's Senate race. (Hotline on Call)