LAST TICKET: Earthquake edition

Chris Moody

Between stumbling around during today's earthquake, here are the stories we noticed today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• Yes, there was an earthquake near Washington, D.C. No, the Washington Monument didn't fall down, nor is it leaning. (The Atlantic)

• Sarah Palin not happy that people are claiming to know whether she will run for president. (Washington Post)

• Why are several Republican presidential candidates suddenly calling for a tax increase? (Slate)

• Club for Growth rates Perry's record: He cut taxes and spending, but is no champion of "free markets." (CFG)

• Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker says voting for the debt ceiling bill was "like kissing your sister." (Memphis Flyer)

• Vice President Joe Biden says he "fully understand[s]" why China has a one-child policy. (ABC News)

• Why the press love Jon Huntsman but ignore Ron Paul. (The Atlantic)

• AFL-CIO starts a Super PAC. (Politico)