LAST TICKET: Cracks in the Washington Monument; Rove v. Palin spat continues

Chris Moody

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• Karl Rove says Sarah Palin needs to lose her "enormous thin skin." (Politico)

• Former George W. Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino says Rick Perry should distance himself from ... George W. Bush (CBS)

• Poll: Obama losing to Romney, neck and neck with Perry, Bachmann in Florida. (St. Petersburg Times)

• Americans still hate Washington. In other news, the sky was blue today. (National Journal)

• Heritage Action follows through on promise to make Republican leaders pay for the debt ceiling vote. (Heritage)

• Jon Huntsman: I wouldn't hesitate to call on rich to "sacrifice." (PBS)

• Will Iowa hold its caucus in December? (NBC)

• More cracks found in Washington Monument after earthquake. (NBC Washington)