LAST TICKET: Cain worth $6.6 million; Chuck Norris takes on the UN Arms Treaty

Chris Moody

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• John Edwards wants the charges that he took illegal campaign contributions dropped. (Reuters)

• Newt Gingrich closes shop on his national group, American Solutions. (Washington Post)

• Herman Cain is worth up to $6.6 million. (Daily Caller)

• Rick Perry leading in South Carolina, which will hold the first primary in the South next year. (The State)

• Perry signed a marriage plan vowing support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. (Politico)

• Economic growth slides to one percent. (The Hill)

• Michele Bachmann softens her stance on farm subsidies. (National Journal)

• Chuck Norris takes on the UN Arms Treaty. (Politico)