LAST TICKET: Behind the scenes of the debt negotiations; take the debt ceiling quiz

Chris Moody

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• A behind-the-scenes look at the final days before the debt deal passed. (New York Times)

• "Gang of Six" member explains why he voted against the debt ceiling bill. (Washington Post)

• Have you been paying attention? Take the debt ceiling quiz. (Washington Post)

• Headline of the day: "Political Action Committee To Defeat Barack Obama As Soon As They Spell His Name Correctly." (TPM)

• As if it were possible, the debt debate made Congress even less popular. (Politico)

• Mike Huckabee speaks out about why he didn't run for president this cycle. (700 Club)

• Tea party senator launches new PAC that could target his own colleagues. (The Hill)

• Congress to debate gasoline tax extension. (Politico)

• White House doing damage control on reports that Vice President Biden called tea partiers "terrorists," although details of the event are in dispute. (ABC News)