Jon Stewart punks Jon Huntsman’s Twitter townhall

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman held a "Twitter townhall" on Tuesday using the hashtag #Q4Jon, but all hell broke lose when Jon Stewart tweeted this just a few hours before:

The former governor of Utah seemed to be a good sport in dealing with the fallout from the prank. In response to the question, "in ten years do you see yourself following George Clooney's or Tom Selleck's career path?" Huntsman tweeted:

"I definitely want Clooney's career path. But I think that Q was for Jon Hamm. Funny prank @TheDailyShow! #Q4Jon"

Hunstman still got his share of campaign and policy questions, but he and his staff had to wade through questions like these:

- "What's new on Mad Men this season? I'm a HUGE fan!"

- "Jon do you plan on to movies once Mad Men is over or will you stick with TV?"

- "How many of the Mad Men actresses have you slept with?"

- "Are there characteristics of Don Draper that you relate to?"

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