Jon Huntsman revs up his possible 2012 bid, literally

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

It appears Jon Huntsman is officially trying to position himself as the cool guy ahead of next year's GOP presidential primary.

Huntsman, who leaves his post as President Obama's ambassador to China at the end of the month, was spotted tooling around Shanghai on a Harley-Davidson today. It's a shot that's bound to make Mitch Daniels, who is also an avid biker, a little jealous.

The photo comes on the heels of the revelation earlier this week that Huntsman used to be a shaggy-haired keyboardist in a REO Speedwagon cover band back in the day. Both are sure to help Huntsman distinguish himself in a field of button-down, straight-laced Republicans (who sometimes wear skinny jeans).

Huntsman still hasn't said whether he's running--though there have been serious hints he's in the hunt. His political action committee has been staffing up, and next month, he's set to visit New Hampshire.

(Photo of Huntsman: Reuters/China Daily)