Jihadist jokes about U.S. bounty: How much for just one leg?

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

An Alabama-born jihadist fighter thought to be in Somalia took to Twitter on Friday to mock the U.S. government’s $5 million bounty on his head—jokingly offering to raise some cash for his cause by selling off one leg.

Omar Hammami—who stars in his own YouTube videos, sometimes rapping his Islamist message, and has an aggressive Twitter presence—was reportedly added to the Rewards for Justice program that offers piles of cash for information leading to the capture or killing of high-profile extremists. CNN first broke the news.

Apparently unbowed, Hammami joked about the bounty on Twitter:

That was a reference to a dead Islamist commander of a Chechen rebel movement, who lost a leg while fighting the Russian army, noted Agence France-Presse.

U.S. officials say Hammami, initially a recruiter for al-Shabab in Somalia, which Washington has labeled a terrorist group, has fallen out with his former comrades. He has criticized them publicly; they say they want him dead.