Jenna Bush Hager announces pregnancy

Rachel Rose Hartman

Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former President George W. Bush, announced on Wednesday that she and husband Henry Hager are expecting their first child next spring.

"I'm nervous and so excited to say that Henry and I are pregnant—or I'm pregnant," Hager, a correspondent for NBC's "Today Show," announced on the program. "We're so excited. And I'm, you know, obviously nervous about it. I'm a first-time mom—but it's something I've always wanted."

Bush and former first lady Laura Bush called into the show to share their joy.

"I'm fired up! Looking forward to it. And I'm excited for Jenna and Henry," the former president said of his future first grandchild. "I could barely contain the news when I found out, so now I can tell all my buddies."

When asked, the former first lady said they plan to "definitely spoil" their grandchild. "No doubt about it."

Then, Bush interrupted to add, "Kind of like we did our daughter."

So what will the new baby call the former president?

Well, "popsicle" is taken.

When Bush was introduced Wednesday, Hager referred to him as "popsicle," stunning NBC hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie.

Bush joked that he will ask the new baby to call him, "sir."

Jenna Bush and Henry Hager married in May 2008 at her parents' Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas. She was hired by NBC as a correspondent for the "Today Show" the following year.