Jeb Bush says GOP primaries boxed in Romney on immigration

Liz Goodwin
The Ticket

Jeb Bush said on Monday that Mitt Romney's rhetoric on immigration during the GOP presidential primaries has put him "in somewhat of a box" for the general election. The former Florida governor criticized the tone of the Republican debate over illegal immigration. "I do feel a little out of step with my party on this," said Bush, who supports immigration reform. He made his remarks at a breakfast hosted by Bloomberg, according to Ben Smith at BuzzFeed.

Bush told reporters at the breakfast that even Ronald Reagan would have a tough time winning the Republican presidential nomination in today's partisan climate, in which working with members of the other party is seen as a weakness. He called the current partisanship "disturbing" and blamed President Barack Obama for increasing the divide between Democrats and Republicans. Bush is often mentioned as a possible vice presidential pick for Romney but has said that he would decline if asked.