Huntsman qualifies for CNN debate, statistically tied with Bachmann in Fox poll

Holly Bailey

Jon Huntsman can rest a little easier.

A new Fox News 2012 poll finds the former Utah governor with 4 percent support among likely Republican presidential primary voters. It's not exactly a thrilling number: Huntsman is still mired at the back of the pack, trailing Mitt Romney (who has 23 percent support in the poll), Rick Perry (19 percent) and, in a surprise surge, Herman Cain (17 percent).

But Huntsman's 4 percent showing means he'll qualify for next month's CNN GOP primary debate in Las Vegas, which had been in some doubt. As The Ticket previously reported, CNN required participants to reach at least 2 percent support in three national 2012 polls ahead of the Oct. 18 debate

According to Fox, Huntsman is now leading Michele Bachmann by a 1 percent--though that's well within the 3 percent margin of error. But it's still a sign of how far Bachmann's star has fallen among GOP voters since she entered the race in June.

In July, Bachmann was in second place in the poll, with 15 percent support, trailing Romney. But now she's tied for last place in the poll with Rick Santorum—trailing choices that include "don't know" (7 percent) and "too soon to say" (5 percent).

The latest Fox poll found Newt Gingrich in fourth place with 11 percent support—an increase of 8 points since late August—followed by Ron Paul, with 6 percent support.