Mike Huckabee’s daughter compares Tim Pawlenty to her dad

Holly Bailey

Tim Pawlenty didn't waste any time in trying to capitalize on hiring Mike Huckabee's daughter to work for his presidential campaign.

As the Des Moines Register first reported, Sarah Huckabee Sanders sent an email to Pawlenty's Iowa supporters today comparing her boss's 2012 campaign to her father's come from behind victory in Iowa in 2008.

"Four years ago I worked in Iowa for my dad, Gov. Mike Huckabee, when he was running for President. At the time, he was low in the polls and didn't have much money, but he won the Iowa Caucus because Iowans liked his executive experience, record of results governing a Democratic state and conservative convictions," she wrote. 'Today I'm back in Iowa working for Gov. Pawlenty's campaign because Gov. Pawlenty has the same conservative convictions and executive experience I admire in my dad."

Huckabee Sanders was writing to unveil a new radio ad and six-minute video talking up Pawlenty's faith and the role it has played in his daily life. In the video, Pawlenty reiterates his support for "traditional" marriage between a man and a woman and reaffirms his opposition to abortion, calling for the government to "cherish, protect and defend" innocent life.

You can watch the Pawlenty video here:

The spot comes as Pawlenty doubles down on his efforts in Iowa ahead of next month's Republican presidential straw poll in Ames. Significantly trailing in most early 2012 polls, Pawlenty needs a good showing at the event to keep his 2012 hopes alive.