Hillary Clinton calls Romney ads featuring her a ‘waste of money’

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Mitt Romney is wasting his money running ads using footage of her scolding her former rival Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign.

In an interview with CNN's Elise Labott, Clinton says she hasn't personally seen Romney ads but predicts they'll have little impact on voters ahead of November's election.

"I am out of politics, and I haven't seen any of the ads that you're talking about," Clinton told CNN. "But I have to say it's a waste of money. Everybody knows I ran against President Obama in 2008, that's hardly news. Everybody knows we ran a hard fought campaign and he won. And I have been honored to serve as his secretary of state."

Clinton has shown up in two separate Romney ads in recent weeks, both spots using footage of her admonishing Obama during the hotly contested 2008 Democratic presidential primary for distorting her record. Romney used Clinton to argue that Obama is employing similar falsehoods against his 2012 campaign.